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  • Fowler Pest Control

    Chip Fowler

    Owner / Supervisor

    Chula Vista, CA


    Fowler is an established San Diego Pest Control & Extermination company that is known for leading the way in breakthrough technology that helps lower costs and increase efficiency for clients.

  • Truly Nolen

    Chris Nolen

    President / Co-Founder

    San Diego, CA


    Insects and pests are a reality of everyday life. No matter how clean you keep your home or how well the house is constructed, pests will find a way in - and a reason to stay... unless, of course, you call Truly Nolan!

  • Antac Pest Control

    Jaime Jimenez


    Oceanside, CA


    We offer superior pest control at affordable pricing. Our service plans are designed to protect your business, home and family against the unwanted invasions of threatening household pests.

  • Lloyd Pest Control

    Tom Nelson

    Sales Manager / Co-Founder

    El Cajon, CA


    Your home is one of the single largest investments you will make in your life. When it comes to protecting your investment from destructive insects, we guarantee a safe, effective and professional job every time.

  • XTermite, Inc

    Peter Hirsch


    Clairemont, CA


    Xtermite, Inc was founded to provide termite control services while minimizing the impact on human health and the environment. Fumigation is not the only answer. We have adopted a process that is proven effective and less harmful.


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