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  • Axe the Tax Legal Experts, Inc.

    William D. Hartsock, Esq

    Certified Tax Law Specialist

    La Jolla, CA


    You can eliminate or discharge tax debt through bankruptcy, however tax laws are always changing, so its always best to consult with a certified lawyer before attempting to discharge tax through this manner...

  • Brown Law Group

    Janice P. Brown

    Divorce & Tax Specialist

    Chula Vista, CA


    Clients choose Brown Law Group because of its impressive record of success coupled with its uncompromising commitment to the ethical practice of law.

  • Hoppes & Associates Lawyers

    Gallagher Hoppes

    Divorce Lawyers / Property Division Experts

    San Diego, CA


    Hoppes and Associates handles cases involving California divorce, paternity, domestic violence, guardianships, adoption cases, issues of child custody, visitation, child support enforcement, etc.


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